Barbecuing is Our Craft!

Diverse Food and Cozy Atmosphere

Did you ever try a truly southern BBQ, made by real South Carolinians?

When visiting our BBQ restaurant, just brace yourself to immersing into enjoying a truly southern-style  BBQ.

This, just as well as everything else we cook and serve is enhanced by the superior quality of both our recipes and of the hard work done by our team of cooks, chefs, and waiters!

Since 1982

We’ve been cooking, grilling and barbecuing all kinds of meat even before the Charlotte Hornets changed their name to Bobcats!

Visit us for a truly southern BBQ and steak experience.
All in all, we also have an incredible set of lunches and we host events at our restaurant too!

What Makes Us Better

Grill & BBQ

With our menu being centered around the casual European dishes, we have Greek, French and Italian food…

Truly American

Despite being a European restaurant, visiting our place feels just as casual as any traditional American restaurant would feel…


If you’re considering celebrating a personal or a business occasion at our restaurant, all of our 3 big dining halls will be ready for you!

Meet our Team

Being a Southern family business founded by two cousins from the state of South Carolina 25 years ago, the Griddling is a special place. But what truly makes it special are the people. The team. Every member of it, from a simple assistant cook and waiter to the chef and owners – we all do our job with an ever-burning passion in our heart!

Our Team

Happy Customers

Долго искала, где купить мясо чтобы оно было халяльным и плюс свежим. Пробовала много марок, в мясе я хорошо разбираюсь и найти достойное было сложно. Узнала, что производство “Домашний Ресторатор” занимается только говядиной, взяла мясо для тушение на пробу и не пожалела! Мясо безупречное, свежее, вкусное и халяль. Теперь я ваш постоянный покупатель.


Отмечал юбилей в ресторане “Вепрево колено” и очень тщательно следил за банкетным меню. Был приятно удивлен качеством мяса для стейков от “Домашнего Ресторатора”.


We’re hiring new culinary talents all the time! If you want to become a part of our culinary family and you have at least 6 months of prior experience of working at a restaurant, then contact us today!